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Canada Thistle & Field Bindweed Meta-Studies

In 2014, OAEC received generous funding for the study of two of our most vexing weed problems in Montana, Canada Thistle and Field Bindweed. These weeds were identified through our grower surveys as the most problematic to control organically. 

After conferring with Montana State University, we decided to fund two meta-studies in order to determine what research has already been done and to hopefully suss out 1) best practices and 2) where the research community might best focus further study. 

OAEC hopes to use the results of both studies to further meaningful research into organic methods to control both weeds. 


In 2013 and 2014, OAEC conducted surveys of Montana organic grain, vegetable, and livestock producers to determine what their priorities and challenges are, especially related to research needed.

Their responses were tabulated, combined, analyzed, and reports were generated for each of the surveys. OAEC shared our results with Montana State University and researchers in neighboring states. It is our hope that these survey results will help to generate new research in organic systems while facilitating our efforts to generate funding for research.

Click on the links below for copies of each of the survey reports. (The Livestock Survey Report will be available soon.)


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