Organic Advisory & Education Council

Organic Advisory & Education Council

Our Mission

The Organic Advisory and Education Council (OAEC) was created to help fill the void in organic research in Montana. Organic producers are faced with cultural and philosophical practices as well as stringent regulations that more often make applying traditional research findings inappropriate. While an admirable amount of agricultural research is being done in Montana on a variety of topics, from weeds to varietal trials to nutrients and pests, most of that research does not take into consideration the particular and discrete challenges faced by organic producers.

OAEC encourages sustainable and responsible organic practices by providing funding and direction for organic research and education in Montana. OAEC provides funds for organic research and education on topics such as:

  • pests and pest control in organic systems

  • crops and varieties of crops suitable for use in organic systems

  • soil properties and management practices that influence organic production

  • species and breeds of livestock suitable for organic systems

  • animal health

  • seed suitability and availability for organic farmers

  • sustainable practices

  • nutritional properties and benefits of organic food

  • other topics related to organic systems

Examples of education projects include the development of written materials, publication of findings, public meetings, farm tours, conferences, and dissemination of information online.

The OAEC provides funding for serious projects involving organic research and education. To do this, OAEC seeks funds from a variety of sources including grants and donations. Donations received by the OAEC are used to make grants to the public and private sectors in support of research and education projects that meet goals and criteria established by the OAEC in cooperation with the organic community. Researchers and educators have the opportunity to submit applications for funding. Awards are based on available funds and the ability of specific projects to meet OAEC’s goals. OAEC exercises appropriate oversight to ensure that grants are expended for approved purposes and funds are disbursed for uses that are consistent with any conditions attached by the donor. Grantees are required to submit reports on their use of funds.

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