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Organic Advisory & Education Council

Organic Advisory & Education Council

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Youth Grants

In an effort to support youth agricultural activities that focus on organics, OAEC provides small grants to students in junior high through college who create an operation plan to do research which follows the guidelines of the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) for a certified organic operation.

Since 2014, OAEC has provided grants to several students in a variety of fields. Here are reports from two grantees from 2014:

Who's Eligible?

Any junior high student, high school student, or college undergraduate who (i) participates in a recognized FFA school program, a 4H community program or college curriculum, (ii) has an interest in raising livestock, or producing an agricultural commodity under an organic operation plan, and (iii) knows of, or is willing to be introduced to, a current organic operator (mentor), in your area.

Application Process

Interested students must submit a grant application and project proposal at any time to Grants will be awarded based on the goals and objectives of an operation plan and available funds. Upon application approval, disbursements will be made to applicants within 30 days of notification.

Amount of Grant

The amount of the grant will be based on an applicant's budget proposal, up to a maximum of $500. Applicants whose operational budget exceeds this value may request additional funds, but are encouraged to show other sources of funding, i.e., an in-kind match.

Follow-up Requirements

Recipients will be required to submit an operation summary describing: Production practices, strategies, and outcomes; Harvest or processing practices, strategies, and yields; And any marketing practices, strategies, and results, of an agricultural commodity/product, at the end of a production season.

To apply for a Youth Grant, download this form (fillable PDF), or fill out and submit the form below.

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